Kautz Farm Co-op’s philosophy on Sustainability is, growing organically a Permaculture of plant based food
for human life.


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Kautz Farm Co-op NFP Corporation was organized July 2012 in the State of Illinois under the following purposes; “Educational, Agricultural, Horticultural and Charitable”. We are in the process of filing for a 501 c3 tax exempt status with the Federal Government. Join our cooperative that sees inspiration in all food and is working to elevate its quality, taste, availability and health benefits for everyone.  We are truly growing organically/sustainably and welcome you to join us in making our team more competitive and resourceful. We are starting our edible Permaculture project this spring and are in need of a few talented, quality, detail-driven people to help develop this new food source with us.

Kautz Farm Co-op is working together to achieve something that would be difficult/impossible to do alone!


Kautz Farm Co-op is physically located at Kautz Farm in Geneva, IL at the intersection of Kautz Road and US Route 38. The Co-op is continuing the Century and a half history and endeavors Kautz Farm has in community, sustainable garden/farming and produce production for the local Fox Valley area residents since 1864.


Kautz Farm Co-op’s – Chefs Market Shop is opening mid-year 2016 and will feature the "Ingredient Monger" web site, “changing the world 1 ingredient at a time”. Prepared food can never be better than the ingredients used.


Community Training in Food

All Kautz Farm Co-op's resources will be available to enhance everyone's sustainability and growth. The University of Illinois Extension will also be a great help in furthering/training our agricultural roots in the planting, cultivating, harvesting, preparing and storage of fresh produce.

All Garden-Farming and Permaculture training will be starting around April 15th 2016. Come join the Team and add/start your own legacy/historic journey at our co-op!


We as a cooperative need to focus on the future with vision, inspiration and our mission of
Growing a Culture.

Seed - Food - Health

Our Chefs Market Shop customers (local restaurant owners and chefs) will be called upon as Co-op partners to assist in cooking classes, both at the Farm and at their Restaurants. This could lead to a video program Chef Please- informative and entertaining!

If you are in/or a food service-Catering/Restaurant/Eatery and excel to be the very best – please contact us!
Kautz Farm Co-op can be your “Own” local produce/ingredients farm.